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All our Services under one roof

The 71 provides a full array of services that simplify and streamline the lives of private clients - both private and Professional. By keeping everything under one roof our costs remain lower than the competition. Our business focuses on good communication, financial transparency and efficiency. 


The 71 offers specialised household staff training modules, as well as customer service training for your Family Office or Private Business. Staff trained by The 71 are equipped to provide the kind of exceptional service that's relevant to clients in the 21st Century.


The 71 recruits professional staff from all walks of life, and places them in households & countries all over the world. Whether it's a butler, housekeeper, nanny, personal trainer or chef, we look beyond qualifications, experience and culture to seek out the perfect match between candidate and client.


The 71 can reliably act on your behalf, and offers the expertise to elegantly & seamlessly manage your property or estate.


The 71 provide a round the clock concierge service. We understand that speed and cost efficiency are paramount to our clients, so we also provide the services of fixers, and competitive quotes for all your travel needs.


The 71 has experience producing complex creative projects and managing unique events. Whether it's organising VIP facilities at festivals, planning health retreats, or setting up launches & openings hosted by internationally recognised artists.



The 71 has the resources to take the burden off your existing PA's & Executive Assistants, by outsourcing some of their workload to an appropriate expert.