Fixing & Support

Streamlining your Family Office & Staff


The 71 takes the pressure off your existing PA's & Executive Assistants by outsourcing their workload to appropriate experts, and providing immediate assistance either remotely or on the ground. Our services in the corporate sector offer experienced assistants to ensure the smooth daily operations of your businesses and charitable activities.



Drafting Correspondence


We specialize in drafting, adapting or perfecting all manner of written communications from e-mail correspondence to powerpoint presentations. These services are available around the clock and can be provided in multiple languages. The confidentiality of our clients is paramount, and we therefore treat all written material with the utmost discretion.



Family Office Issues


We are prepared to resolve common issues arising in the Single and Multi Family Office Environments; from replacing staff to problems that arise as a result of poor property management practices. The 71 uses professionals with decades worth of experience as personal and executive assistants to put in place that procedures that will reduce the likelihood of these issues repeating.



Research & Development


Whatever level of discretion you require, we have the wherewithal to provide you with experienced research assistants or teams of researchers in any field of expertise. From artists, to environmentalists to venture capitalists - we can help set the groundwork to get your ideas off the ground, or push your project to the next level.




We consider our experienced fixers as guides with the access to the kinds of groups and individuals who will be able to provide appropriate & impartial advice. All our investigations are rigorous, and we are judicious in the way we solve issues.

  • Secure Solutions are achieved quickly & efficiently, with minimal impact on clients

  • Transparent Strategies that lead to long lasting solutions, and avoid the recurrence of similar problems