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Having laid the foundations of a successful concierge firm in New York, London and Hong Kong, the Founder & CEO of The 71 has continued to provide his private clients with the finest lifestyle management services.


We have in depth knowledge of the entertainment industry, luxury goods and the kinds of services necessary to sustain the lifestyles of our private clients. Our extensive network allows us to solve any and all requests. All enquiries are followed up with informed and impartial advice, recommendations, introductions or solutions.


To prove our effectiveness, we offer all new clients the opportunity to test drive our services. Allow us to prove ourselves, before you commit to pay anything.



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The 71 can also arrange your business or personal trips to any destination around the world.


As part of our services we offer competitive private (or commercial) air travel, specialised staff to accompany you or ready in-situ at your destination (such as guides, chefs, security or nannies), a perfectly crafted itinerary that's tailored to you, and 24/7 on the ground or in the air assistance.