Lifestyle & Travel

Exclusive Lifestyle Management



The 71 provides you with the full array of lifestyle services, managing your requests with precision and an unparalleled attention to detail.

We are constantly developing our knowledge of luxury goods and services to ensure we can provide the best access and introductions in the entertainment and hospitality industries.

Our extensive network gives us access to unique opportunities around the globe. All types of enquiries and requests are followed up with informed and impartial advice, recommendations, and introductions.



Experienced Travel Arrangements

The 71 excels in the arrangement of business trips and personal travel to renowned and hidden destinations around the world. As part of our services we offer competitive private (or commercial) air travel, specialised staff to accompany you on your journey or ready in-situ at your destination (such as guides, chefs, security or nannies), a perfectly crafted itinerary that's tailored to you, and 24/7 on the ground or in the air assistance.



Professional Packing & Transportation

Our teams extensive travel experience has resulted in a mastery of the art of professional packing. From unique designer or vintage clothing, to priceless jewellery, our clients’ belongings are treated with the finest level of care. First we prepare a digital inventory of all pieces before pre-selecting any fragile or unique items that require tailored protection (such as high grade acid-free tissue paper, or custom made packaging). Your luggage will be packed & secured, ensuring all items are transported safely and unpacked and organized beautifully by the time you arrive.


Our fee includes a full A-Z packing service at your chosen location, and a complete unpacking and inventory check at your final destination. Additional charges (agreed in advance) will include transport, accommodation (if required) & small meal stipend.



Animal Transportation Services

The founders of the 71 have been meeting a growing demand to organize the seamless transportation of their clients’ domestic animals. If you have plans to travel and you’d like your animals to accompany you, then we can provide a reliable service that ensures your pets arrive safely and conveniently. Our main concern is the animals comfort and wellbeing, so we aim to minimize the strain of travel by preparing all the legal documents, and complying with all airline, safety and health regulations.


Our fee includes all the assistance necessary to prepare animals for transportation from your chosen location to your final destination. Additional charges (agreed in advance) will include transportation costs, Animal carrier, (if required) & a small meal stipend.