Property Management

Professional Property Management



Have you ever been affected by a property sale that's not getting any traction? Planning permissions that are lingering on for too long? Re-design costs that are spiraling out of control? An upgrade that's causing more pain than it's worth?


How about a holiday home that you'd like to rent out to discreet (and pre-screened) tenants? Or a renovation project where the contractors and budget need careful monitoring?


The 71 can reliably act on your behalf, and offers the expertise to elegantly & seamlessly manage any project relating to your property or estate.



Our team of design pros will reorganise and redecorate your property to ensure it is being presented at its finest. We focus on maximizing spaces and highlighting the property’s best features. We work with most levels of budget and collaborate closely with clients (and agents) to represent their ideas, while suggesting ways that will make the property even more attractive to potential buyers.