Staff Training


World Class Staff Training


The 71 offers specialised household staff training modules, as well as customer service training for your Family Office or Private Business. We offer a wide array of training modules for household staff and assistants. Our training refreshes staff member's knowledge base, and brings them up to date with current industry standards. We also teach new skills when a staff member's experience doesn't quite match what their employer is looking for.


The staff we train are equipped to provide the kind of exceptional service that's relevant to a mobile & globalized elite in the 21st Century. Our training modules build on existing skillsets, develop self-sufficiency and assist in discarding habits and behaviour that inhibit productivity. We help staff to become:

  • Relevant to Principals needs

  • Diligent of tasks & responsibilities

  • Driven to improve 


Fully customizable
Multiple locations
€150 - €200 /hour


Our tailored modules can be fully customized to match your precise specifications. Each module is led by an experienced specialist, and is created from the ground up to facilitate the diverse geographical & cultural requirements of clients and staff.