Training & Staff Surgery

World Class Staff & Customer Service Training


Fully customizable
Priced between
€150 - €200 /hour

The 71 train staff so they are equipped to provide the kind of exceptional service that's relevant to a mobile & globalized elite in the 21st Century. Our training modules build on existing skillsets, develop self-sufficiency and assist in discarding habits and behaviour that inhibit productivity. We help staff to become:

  • Relevant to their Principals needs

  • Diligent of their tasks & responsibilities

  • Driven to improve

We offer a wide array of training modules for household staff and assistants. Our training refreshes staff member's knowledge base, and brings them up to date with current industry standards. We also teach new skills when a staff member's experience doesn't quite match wha their employer is looking for.


Our tailored modules can be fully customized to match your precise specifications. Each module is led by an experienced specialist, and is created from the ground up to facilitate the diverse geographical & cultural requirements of clients and staff.


Some examples of how our Training Modules can help:

Example: A Russian client hosed her birthday party at a Private Villa on Lake Como in Northern Italy. The guest list included members of European royalty, and high ranking diplomats. The clients current household team included 2 butlers (normally based at the Principal's main residence in Moscow) who were requested to fly out in advance to work alongside the villa staff and ensure everything was meticulously set up in preparation of the Principal's arrival.


Solution: The 71 were requested to provide training to bring the butler team up to speed about formal etiquette, Royal Protocols and the correct way of greeting guests from all over the world.

  • Good manners & demeanour

  • Greeting guests, friends & family

  • Protocol & Communication 

  • Empathy, & unflappability

Example: A US client travels frequently for work and pleasure. During work trips he most often stays in hotels, whereas for pleasure he prefers to stay at his private residences. He employs an assistant who takes care of all the logistics involved in getting the Principal from A-Z, however the assistant struggles with organizing and preparing the Principals clothing needs - especially when considering the unpredictability of his schedule, and preparing for last minute trips.


Solution: The 71 put together 10 hours of our Wardrobe Management training module, with additional direction from a professional valet in London, and fashion stylist from Milan. We wanted to make sure that the assistant came away with useful ways of improving the Principals comfort when traveling (such as a suitable packing process), while putting into place a system that allowed copies of the most frequently worn garments to be bought and held at different locations.

  • Valeting

  • packing

  • Clothing care

  • Storage solutions

  • Archiving

Example: An Indian family recently moved to a new home in Europe, bringing with them a skeleton staff team (chef, assistant, housekeeper and nanny). They brought with them a lot of valuable artefacts that needed careful and specialist care.


Solution: After an initial appraisal of the items being transported, The 71 created an easily customizable inventory management system that the existing staff could easily understand and adapt. We also provided the client with contacts at the National Trust specializing in the conservation and cleaning of art and antiques.

  • How good inventory's change everything

  • Utilizing digital systems & tools

  • General maintenance & upkeep

  • Alterations & archiving

How the Training Modules work

Step 1: Training Evaluation

We quickly appraise the aptitude of your existing staff, and the reliability of their routines and work structure. We then tailor modules to fit around their duties, and the needs of the client, business or household. This process can occur on-site or remotely. Please get in touch via our Client Appointment, or Contact Us Pages to set up a call.


Step 2: Post Evaluation

After completing this process, we send a proposal that includes the content of the recommended modules, and a draft timeframe - at no cost to you. We understand that employer - staff relationships are complex, which is why we prioritize diplomacy & tact, over scheduling & cost. Each training module includes an hour of comprehensive training that takes place entirely at your convenience. We have various levels of module that are categorized according to specialization, and priced accordingly.


Step 3: Training Process

Once the content, timeframe and cost (number of training modules, & the number of hours needed) has been agreed, we schedule the training modules into a shared calendar. We also organise any travel and/or accommodation for the trainers or staff, and any extra space required during the training process. We also share the contact details of the trainers to avoid any delays in communication.